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about Denise

My goal when photographing your wedding is to document your life, emotions, and important relationships!

I love to be involved in your planning process from the moment we agree to work together. I'd love to get a text message with the hot shoes you bought, a picture of your dress while getting fitted, or the inspiration for your reception from your favorite wedding magazine.

I also want you to know that you can come to me for anything. Recommendations for other vendors, how to plan your timeline or if you just need to vent :) I'm always here for comfort and advice.

My style is all about natural light, so I prefer outdoor shoots on-location or in your home. I want to capture your real life, what you like to do and where you live. That way anything we capture will have some connection to you and the one's you love... whether it's at your favorite coffee shop, where you had your first date or your home.

Honestly, I am so humbled you took the time to visit me! Stop by anytime, I love the company! Please send me a note with questions, if you need more info or to schedule a time to meet!